Sunday, 14 June 2020

BBC Crowd Science: Third Time Lucky

The BBC Crowd Science podcast featured me for the third time in an episode of theirs!
You can check the previous two episodes, which asked what household dust is made of, here. This time around, my question was how many of the atoms I am made of were once part of a fellow human's body. The answers the BBC came up with are interesting both scientifically as well as, how shall I put it, philosophically.
I would like to use this opportunity to thank the episode's producer, Caroline Steel, who laboured a lot to provide me with the answer. I would also like to thank presenter Marnie Chesterton, who is just as fun and smart to talk to as one can imagine after listening to her Crowd Science episodes.

Check the podcast episode on Apple Podcast here, or click here to go the episode's BBC page.

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