Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Pigs Can Fly

I will start from the end: this post is here to tell you I have decided to stop eating pig / pork.
The rest of this post is about how I got there.

Obviously, the big elephant in the room needs to be cleared first: this is not due to religious reasons. If anything, it's the opposite.
Yes, I know Judaism calls for the banning of pigs, and one could easily think that since I am the product of Jewish heritage then this means I have become a true believer all of a sudden. But no, that is not the case.
To prove by example, another big ticket Kosher food item is to do with the mixing of milk and meat, something I never had a problem with. That is, other than my relatively new aspiration to cut my meat consumption out of concern for animal welfare.
Which is exactly the reason why I've decided to cut the pig. Pork. Whatever.
All the animals we breed for meat consumption suffer, one way or another. Amongst the biggest offended are chickens, cows and pigs, all of which live a life of utter misery as they make their way to our dining plates.
The reason why I have decided to pick on pigs, in particular, is to do with their intelligence. Having read about the topic, it has become clear to me that pigs are quite smart as well as quite emotional. That is to say, the impact of the horrible way in which us humans treat them is much more severe on a pig than it is on, say, a chicken. Not that I'm implying in any way that we should continue treating chicken the way we do; it's just that I am saying I intend to start making this world a better place with the bigger casualty.

So, what does this personal ban on pork mean for me?
It means I am making a notable personal sacrifice given my well documented affection to bacon, especially of the crispy type. Clearly, this is nothing in comparison to the personal sacrifice made by the pig supplying the bacon.
More to the point, it means I will simply avoid consciously buying pork products or ordering meals containing pork products. I used the term "consciously" because this is not always a clear cut affair; I already found myself consuming pork products since going on my personal pork ban simply by virtue of the fact restaurants don't always disclose the fact a meal contains pork. I also noticed some restaurants don't leave their guests with much of a choice, with everything pretty much containing pork.
So I'm not going to be religious about it. My intention is simply to make a personal donation towards the suffering of pigs. I hope others follow suit, to help in the impact department, but frankly I cannot see this taking off. Sadly.
On my part, I hope that this is just the start of my personal quest at reducing animal suffering. My main problem is not the misery about to inflict my tastebuds, because there are lots of fine alternatives to meat out there (hummus, anyone?).
The problem is our bodies need meat consumption in order to remain healthy, and I am not satisfied the vegetarian alternatives are good enough there. The world I am therefore striving for, at least at this stage, is not a world where humans stop consuming animals; rather, it is a world where humans treat their fellow animals humanely.

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wile.e.coyote said...

I guess that your next steps to avoid animals suffering will be to stop drive on Saturday to avoid the risk of run-over animals, wear yarmulke so animals will be able to see you from a distance.