Friday, 5 May 2017

Spare a thought for second grade citizens

I apologise for being late to the party (my excuse: having no spare time), but I do want to raise an issue concerning Australia's recently announced tightening of work and residency visas. And that issue is: what are all the people who have used Australia's now old visa policies to get into the country and become Australian citizens meant to think when the new people wishing to take advantage of the exact same thing are now branded unwanted at best and properly harmful otherwise?
It's not like I intend to take the arguments raised by Peter Dutton seriously; the guy has gone on record long enough for all of us to know he's a bigot. Alas, the guy is also odds on favourite to become a future Australia Prime Minister. So, when he says that migrants need to take active part in the school community (I don't), their footy club (I don't; I also don't like footy) and their place of worship (I'm an atheist), what are the implications on those of us that are here and do not all or any of the above?
For that matter, what does this imply on pure white Anglo Australians that don't do the above? I'm sure that in a country of more than 20 million there will be quite a lot of those around. Are they safe because Dutton approves of their external looks and their Aussie accent, or is it off to the concentration camp just the same?
Call me a bloody foreigner, but it is clear Dutton's version of what passes for "Aussie values" is his and no one else's. The fact Turnbull plays this game with him is outright scary.

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