Thursday, 8 December 2016

Diet, Rinse, Repeat

Veteran readers of this blog would know that 2015 has been the year unintentional weight loss for yours truly. Since then, my diet life is going through a more or less regular routine: a structured and generally healthy diet during the school terms, followed by rupture and chaos as school holidays befall upon us. Planning falls out the window when we venture places where controlling what food is available and when becomes harder.
The catch, then, is when I get used to the school holidays’ uncontrolled binge eating habits but seek to go back to the more health friendly (and weight friendly structure). You would think that would be hard; I’m here to tell you it is, but it’s not.
The pattern repeats itself. A couple of weeks into the new school term I decide that enough is enough and I cannot allow myself to continue gaining weight. The problem that requires solving is that I get used to the school holidays' binge eating habits pretty quickly; going back to healthy eating habits requires breaking the newly acquired bad habits.
Again and again I have found that all it takes to regain control and rehabitualise myself is one day where I plan exactly what I will eat and when. I go through a day where all I can think of is the pantry; maybe a second day of such thoughts, maybe not; and that is it. Within two days max I am all of a sudden perfectly happy with eating less as long as that also means eating well.
The catch is with “eating well”. The benefit of this well planned diet day is that, at the end of the day, the world feels such a better place to live in. It’s not only that I am no longer bothered by the contents of the pantry I missed out on; it’s the fact that eating well just feels good. I’m sharper, mentally, and every cue my body sends my brain is informing me that things are going great, thank you very much. Eating healthy, especially cutting the sugar, feels good.
Up until the next school holidays, when the deck is reshuffled.

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