Sunday, 17 April 2016

Going Out with a Bang

One doesn't need to spend much time in one to figure out hospitals are a horrible place, depressing and miserable. Being underfunded they seem to act as society's trash can for those of us who can no longer contribute to our society of mass consumption. Alas, barring some sort of an apocalypse, most of thee gentle folk reading this text are destined to die at a hospital.
I, for one, argue this is the wrong way to die.
When my time comes, assuming it doesn't come in the surprising manner of a heart attack / stroke / truck, I would like to die at a place that feels like home. Better yet, at home.
Here's hoping that by the time my time comes, human euthanasia will be as acceptable as it is for pets.

It occurred to me, while working on my previous post, that the soundtrack to my death should probably be Led Zeppelin's When the Levee Breaks. The song has a lot going for it: it is one of my favourites, and in the lyrics department it finishes off with "crying won't help you, praying will do you no good" and "going down now" (although in the song down means Chicago, not hell; or maybe Chicago is hell?).
Which, in my book, is yet another reason to pick euthanasia. Instead of dying at a depressing hospital, I want to die at home, sitting in my hi fi's hotspot, with When the Levee Breaks' drumming shaking the very foundations of the earth at the volume levels this song is meant to be played at.
That's the proper way to die.

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wile.e.coyote said...

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