Saturday, 26 March 2016

People Don't Read

I wonder if this has anything to do with the dumbing down of our written communication in this age of Facebook and Twitter, but it seems to me as if somewhere along the way people have lost their ability to read. Or, to pinpoint, their ability to comprehend the written word.
Things are fine as long as one sticks with writing a simple, non nuanced message. Dare write something more complicated, with arguments and counter arguments, and maybe even delve into finer detail? Get lost!
It happened to me several times with the past fortnight that I wrote detailed emails, expecting the addressees to appreciate the fact in order to supply me with the exact answer I needed. But no, each and every one of those people failed their reading comprehension: one totally ignored me, another came back with that most stupid "I respect your opinion [but won't do shit about it]", and the third had me attend in person just so I can say exactly what I wrote down in the email.
No, I do not think today's people are dumber than older generations. I think it's clear it is exactly the opposite. However, I suspect that a modern day's brain is so flooded with messages that there is no room for anyone to accept the complicated anymore. And that's sad, because life is complicated.

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