Tuesday, 15 March 2016


And now it's time to ask myself a question I asked several times already during the lives of my blogs:

Last time I had ads on my blog I got myself a nice check (or cheque, as per the rather grotesque Australian English version). Nothing to help with the deposit for my Tesla, but a nice one nevertheless. It also occurred to me that, hits wise, my blogs are scoring nicely; if I was to deploy ads full time, as opposed to merely trying to see what extra analytics data they bring along, I should be able to get more such nice surprises.
You know me, I like money. On the other hand, I dislike ads; I block them fervently with every means at my disposal. I also detest the unwritten contract of the Internet, the one that says that one shall be allowed to access contents freely for the price of one being exposed to ads as well as tracking mechanisms that trade with one's privacy under the false pretense of attempting to offer more relevant ads.
Despite these fine arguments, I am still inclined towards adding ads. For two reasons.
First, given my blogs are hosted by Google, Google already deploys trackers from its vast arsenal over these pages regardless of whether they come bearing ads or not. Seriously, if you're reading this on the actual website (as opposed to an RSS feeder of sorts), do yourself a favour and use protection such as Privacy Badger, Ghostery, Disconnect, or any of many blockers available on iOS (try Focus, Mozilla's implementation of Disconnect) and Android. And in the name of all that is pure, do not read this blog while you're logged in to Google.

Let me know what you think.

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