Monday, 7 December 2015

Gadget Longevity

Apple II

Over the years I have been known to criticise Apple a lot but also to be the obedient slave that buys too many of its overpriced products. Today I’d like to point out a not as often talked about aspect of Apple product ownership.
Let the numbers talk:
  • My iPhone 3GS is now more than 6 years old. I haven’t been using it as my main phone for 3 years now, but it is still serving as a music player and my main GPS for driving.
  • My MacBook Air is more than 4 year old now. Not unheard of for a laptop, I admit; what is exceptional, though, is that despite me having much stronger [Windows] hardware at my disposal, this Mac is still my go to PC for everything other than World of Tanks.
  • My first iPad is now coming close to its 4th birthday, still alive and kicking and getting daily heavy workouts by the child in our family.
  • Our Airport Express and Apple TV (third generation) have been with us for almost 4 years. Other than wifi interference issues that were solved with AC wifi deployment, we’ve been getting daily output from these.
  • My iPhone 5 is now 3 year old. On a regular day I need to charge it twice, but then again so do too many smartphones. Other than that I see no reason why it should not cruise along till my iPhone 7 joins the party, say, October 2016.
I severely doubt any other manufacturer can boast such longevity figures. Indeed, no Apple gadget ever died on me, even though – statistically speaking – they should have every right to do so.

I think the question to be asked is whether it is better to buy an expensive Apple gadget and hold it for a long while or whether to buy from the cheaper [Android] competition more often and enjoy the benefits of using the latest hardware for longer periods. The greeny in me would opt for the former.

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