Thursday, 12 November 2015

Australian Sportsmanship

The following post has been published here before. For some reason it was relegated into a back page; I therefore chose to re-publish it here.

Brick Warriors' Crutches

Spare a thought to the sport obsessed Australian. At least those obsessed to bodily harm levels.
I used to work with a guy whose entire leg was basically metal, the result of a football tackle gone wrong. “But it was worth it”, he used to say about the tackle that is still giving him so much pain. This month alone, a work friend has been booked to a shoulder operation (tennis is to blame) and the daughter of a work colleague is on crutches (tennis is to blame, again).
What’s wrong with you, people?
Not that I am in any position to offer criticism. Not when I’m dead, prematurely, from lack of exercise. And not when bodily harm does not stop me from the things I like doing, like messing around on computers.
My obsessions are no better than anyone else’s. But still, take it easy, people!

Image by Josh Wedin, Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0) licence

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