Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Last week I heard familiar echoes on the train. The voice of the concerned Israeli.
Somewhere behind me, a woman was frantically calling her mother. Speaking Hebrew, she told her she just received notification on her smartphone of a stabbing in Ra’anana (an affluent suburb of Tel Aviv), and therefore wanted to speak with her as soon as possible to make sure she’s alright.
I admit, by now I forgot this state of mind. But hearing that voice on the train reminded me of the first time I was in such a mode myself.
It was during the first Gulf War. We would receive news of scuds fired from Iraq towards the centre of Israel, and then there would be the immediate rush of people everywhere trying to use whatever phone available the make sure their loved ones are fine. Back then no one knew what a mobile phone was. Often calls could not be made due to excess demand.
A lot has happened in Israel since. We now all have a smartphone stuck up our ass that, amongst others, can tell us of the latest act of mass violence. Clearly, our technology has advanced over the years, even if our humanity hasn't.

With regards to the embedded clip:
If you ever sought the definition of musical perfection, this is it.

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