Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Australian Decadence

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By now we’ve more or less stopped laughing at Agriculture Minister, Barnaby Joyce, rather miserable uttering concerning the decadence of gay marriage and the potential economic effects on trade with Asia were such acts allowed.
Yeah, stupid. But Bronwyn Bishop took over in that department. 
If we stop mocking the sheer stupidity of Joyce, we can pause for a little on the view that stupidity represents. Essentially, Joyce is saying that we should not care for basic human rights or general right from wrong; all that matters is the bottom line, and if trade might get hurt then, well, we should all shed a tear for the gays amongst us and plough on.
Is that a good representative for the values Australia should stand up for?
I argue Joyce did not speak in a vacuum. He said what he said because his crowd, the generic Australian voter, votes through their back pocket. The majority of people I speak with do not care for right or wrong at the polling booth, they care for what their vote will earn them. Negative gearing, subsidies for private schools, superannuation discounts for the rich – they know these are all wrong, but they will vote for them anyway because they benefit from them. And screw everyone else.
If you ask me, this is Australia’s true decadence.

Image by Marie Peters, Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) licence

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