Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Killer App

Having recently listed some of the more special apps running on my iPhone, I would like to dedicate a post to what I consider to be a killer app. Sorry, a life saving app. An app that, depending on how it is implemented, might even get me to throw my money at the otherwise non selling Apple Watch.
This killer/saviour app of mine? A defibrillator.
Why? Because:

You might laugh at my idea, but think about it. Nowadays, defibrillators have come down in cost to the tune of $5000 or so. Give it five years, definitely less than 10, and every house will have one. Sure, it costs a lot, but with 30% of people dying through heart related problems? Those five thousand are the best money you’re ever going to spend.
Where a smartphone/smart watch come in handy is their heart sensors. True, I do not expect my smartphone – already battery starved the second I remove it from its charger – to be able to reset my heart. However, I do expect my heart rate monitor equipped smart watch to be able to tell me something along the lines of “please rush to your nearest emergency room, you have a heart event in the making”. Such an implementation is not beyond the capabilities of modern technology; watching the way Apple Watch features were removed through fears of liability, it seems the main barrier before such mass life saving tools is the fear of lawsuits rather than technological shortcomings.
Do you hear me, Apple? I challenge you to save my life!

For similar iPhone uses already being implemented, check this news article. For some more creative apps in the service of health, check this article.

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