Thursday, 9 July 2015

A Visit to the Desal Plant


We recently happened to pass by Victoria's water desalination plant, so we've decided on a bit of a detour to go and have a look at this infamous piece of infrastructure.
The sight was rather surreal. We approached a building that has been obviously designed to appeal, architecturally. The building was set around a well groomed natural environment that, walking tracks and all, was obviously designed to be toured by people. And the facilities are surrounded by meticulous parking facilities that are obviously designed with visitors in mind.
Only that no one was visiting the place, and apart from the people that seem to be working there this highly invested in piece of [something] lies dormant. No one wants it.

Opposite the desal plant stand a few wind turbines. The cynic in me would say these were erected as a token gesture towards minimising the environmental impact of the plant, but let's give them the benefit of doubt.
As we were marvelling at the wonder of the wind turbines, I explained to my son how some of his ministers regard these as a blight. He was curious as to how anyone could hold such marvels of human engineering under such views, but then he came up with a suggestion: why don't they decorate the wind turbines with fancy patterns?
Why indeed.

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