Sunday, 14 June 2015

That Sugar Movie

I have laboured here quite a lot, recently, discussing my weight loss affairs, the benefits it seems to have brought along, and attempting analysis of the underlying reasons.
Then I watched this video:

Now I do have to add a very strong disclaimer with regards to the video:
I have no idea whether the things this Robert Lustig guy is saying are true or not; I am simply and very strongly ignorant of the science behind it. When Lustig says that one molecule turns into another and then turns into another, I am completely incapable of verifying if what he’s saying is true.
This will not be the first time I am presented with a scientific argument that I have to either accept or reject without having the skill to do so on my own (think: big bang, quantum mechanics). Normally, I rely on peer reviews: if the bulk of the experts in the field seem to agree on things, regardless of how insane they sound (think quantum mechanics again), then I will take their word for it as I enjoy using a smartphone containing billions of transistors relying on quantum mechanics to work.
It’s just that in this particular case, the case against sugar, the peers seem to be awfully silent. There is a lot of flak flying about from parties claiming to have the magic formula worked out, but not much in the way of proper support for one’s claims - whether for or against Lustig. In this field of weeds, Lustig does stand out as a person claiming to use science rather than personal feelings or revelations.

Let us assume, for a minute, that Lustig is right in his claims and that sugar is the real enemy of the 21st century person’s diet (and thus health). Let us assume sugar is a poison.
If he is right, then his claims do easily explain how I managed to lose weight and felt this has been achieved rather easily. The claims explain why my health stats have improved across the board to levels I have never witnessed before. The claims explain why exercise does not contribute much to weight loss and why I was able to lose weight without it (not that the lack of exercise is in any way recommended!). And last, it explains why I have been feeling much better since I have started counting calories.
As a P.S. I would add that Lustig even explains why drinking water after fruit makes you fart.

If Robert Lustig is right, the bulk of my dietary success can be attributed to the severe cutting of sugar intake in my diet. While the scientific debate continues, I do wonder aloud whether the correlation between what Lustig is saying and the success of my diet is more than coincidental.
In other words, is it really all about that sugar?

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