Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Health Stats

In a recent post I told you about my successful adventures with the CARROT Hunger calorie counting app. Now I come bearing news of evidence that shows the success of that program goes significantly further than weight loss.
Last week I did my more or less regular yearly health checkup. It's nothing fancy, and not even remotely close to deeper examinations along the lines of EKG or sticking pipes up certain bodily cavities. It is, however, a nice way to see whether more thorough tests are needed.
Introductions aside, my current results proved to be my best ever. Not my best given my age, not my best in recent years, but rather my best ever recorded health results. It's all there, in numbers: blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and more. It goes without saying I am very much impressed, but I do wonder what it is exactly that got me to the point I'm at.
Analysing recent changes to my habits, I can report the following:
  1. No significant changes to exercise habits (by common standards, I'm a bum).
  2. With notable exceptions (see below), I eat the same food I have been eating for years/decades now. I eat meat, I eat cheese, and my newly formed habits do not regard fat as evil.
  3. I do, in general, eat less of everything.
  4. Legumes now comprise more of my diet than they used to in previous years. Or, to put it in plain English, the rise in availability of better quality hummus, wholemeal pitas and good Harif (hot sauce to go with the hummus) means that I eat a lot of it. Hummus, that is.
  5. I do my best to avoid sugars, and fructose in particular. It is not an outright ban (a special corner of my stomach is reserved to your Lindts and to good ice cream), but your ordinary sugary stuff no longer passes through these firewalls, thank you very much. It's important to note that junk food is therefore high on the list of banned food: from bun to whatnot, it's all sparkling with sugar.
Which brings me to say: I do wonder how much of this important improvement in my health stats is to do with the latter point concerning sugar. If I was a betting person (I'm not), I would say a lot.

Image by Alisha Vargas, Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0) licence


Uri said...

Good for you!

It does sound as though most of the difference is related to sugar.

BTW, eating less is very nice, but how do you do it? is it just the angry carrot?

Moshe Reuveni said...

It's been mostly about reducing portion sizes and avoiding the junk that comes in between meals. Once I got used to it, I stopped feeling like I need more; I'm perfectly happy eating less, so it's no longer a chore.
As always, I will add that nothing lasts forever...