Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Total Recall

For a while now I noticed this strange phenomenon that blogging has caused me. Intense experiences that have been bugging the back of my head for years seemed to fade into the oblivion once I discussed them over these pages.
I’ll give you a couple of examples. I mentioned (here) a nasty experience I’ve had with my school music teacher. In that same post I also recounted the tale of me refusing to read from the Torah at a synagogue. Both experiences were key moments in my life, at least the way I used to perceive them. Yet since I mentioned them here, and pretty much immediately after, I seem to have forgotten all about them.

The other week I read this article, talking about the necessity to suppress old memories in order to be able to learn new ones. It occurred to me there and then: Through my blog I was able to put these incidents aside, effectively forgetting about them. Through my blog I was then able to get on with my life.
As achievements go, not bad.

Image by Ehsan Khakbaz H., Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) licence

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Sarah said...

Cheap form of therapy.