Friday, 2 January 2015


We made arrangements this year to go and watch the New Year fireworks right from where they’re launched. I don’t know why we have grown accustomed to associating fireworks with a specific change of the date on the calendar, but nevertheless this occasion allows the young member of our family to have something explosive to look forward to.
Naturally, there were tons of people at the venue. In order for my son to see anything, I had to pick him up; lucky for my son, his is a tall father, so he had a better vantage point than most of the people around us. As it happened we ended up watching the fireworks together chick to chick.
That marvellous father/son experience made me think along the lines I have been thinking a lot this past year, i.e., reminiscing my recently departed father. Looking back at my personal catalog of son/father glorious moments with me being on the side of the son, I could not avoid noting how precious few these are. Which immediately translates into how important this particular experience of chick to chick fireworks marvelling is.
I wished that fireworks show would never end. Ten minutes later I was proven wrong.

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wile.e.coyote said...

I think that the common practice is son on the shoulders of the father and not the chick to chick approach.
Anyway you are welcome to celebrate our independence day in KIKAR VHOLIN next year in the built Givatyim.

P.S. love the new "I'm not a robot" thingie