Friday, 7 November 2014


I’ve been trying to analyse why I’ve been having more and longer lasting colds this year in particular. Obviously, there are some crafty viruses out there to blame, but I think I could also point a finger at exhaustion. Or rather, the fatigue that comes with trying to toggle full time work + full time parenthood + having a shred of a life. Just to give you an indication how serious this problem is: I received my copy of Shadow of Mordor almost a week ago, and still haven’t finished the tutorial!

Lately, a lot of the spare time I don’t have has been allocated to officially complaining. As we stand, I have three open complaints raised with Australian bodies. One is dealing with Australia Post’s ongoing mischiefs, another with a medical practitioner’s, and the third with PayPal deciding to take ownership of stuff that’s not theirs.
Each of those requires me collecting all the relevant information, finding out the right avenue to complain through, and phrasing my complaint as per the expectation of the responsible government body’s expectations. Yes, each of these have their own uniquely weird collection of PDFs and online forms to hurdle through. After all this effort, the government bodies step aside and "let" me discuss things directly with the organisations I'm complaining against (yet again, because it's the failure of such discussions that got me to raise official complaints in the first place). Then there’s dealing with the feedback from the organisations I’m been complaining against: at least two out of the three seem to specialise in providing lengthy feedback that completely ignores my arguments. Which sets the wheels rolling yet again for additional rounds.
Complaining is hard and time consuming. No wonder the average Aussie is so indifferent to the world around them; it’s damn hard to take the right action.

In an attempt to finish this post on a positive note, I will list some of the books I have purchased recently but am yet to get to. Knowing that these books that were written by my favourite authors are politely waiting for me on my iPad the minute I can spare some time offers much consolation.
So here they are, in the order they have been purchased. Remember, these are only the top of my pending reading list:
  1. Lock In – John Scalzi
  2. Waking Up - Sam Harris
  3. The Prophecy Con - Patrick Weekes
  4. The Doubt Factory - Paolo Bacigalupi

Image by Adrian Sampson, Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0) licence


Uri said...

A sequel for the Palace Job? Nice.

Moshe Reuveni said...

Relating to sequels relating to Patrick Weekes, Dragon Age Inquisition is coming out on 20 November. Just like Palace Job 2, my preorder was filed in advance. Just like Palace Job 2, it would probably take a while till I'm actually able to play it.