Monday, 10 November 2014

Audiobooks Revisited

The sharp eyed amongst thee might have noticed I recently published an audiobook's review. Not my best review ever; time limitations ensure that cannot be the case. The more interesting aspect of this audiobook-gate is historical: it wasn't that long ago that I published a guest post here discussing the virtues of audio books, to which I added a rather damning comment expressing my problems with the field of audio booking.
So is this ass here to inform you of another change of mind? Yes. And no.
No, because I still have reservations about audio books. I still do not think I can concentrate enough to derive as much satisfaction out of the format compared to old style reading of the same material. But yes, because not all books deserve that high a level of concentration. Or rather, what if I could use some previously unused time to "read" an audiobook? Better than not reading at all, innit?
Perhaps more interesting, in my view, is the question of why I happened to change my mind at this point in time. To that I will offer a three part answer:
  • First, I have found an audio book worth my time and attention. It's the one I have reviewed.
  • Second, I realised I now have the technology to listen to audio books. That is, I am now the owner of headphones capable of secluding me from the outside world while also generating highly intelligible sounds. Prior to that I tended to own open headphones that were useless for listening at venues such as a crowded street or a train.
  • And third, it occurred to me that my daily commute to work includes significant walking. Pretty much the only thing I can afford to do while walking is listening, so I might as well use this time for audio books from time to time.
Thus you will now find me conducting research so as to find which genres work best with the audiobook format.

Image by Nicola Einarson, Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0) licence

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