Friday, 31 October 2014

Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want

A short while ago I discussed my Apple consumption prediction for the next year. What I failed to include was an account of what gadget I’m really looking forward to them providing me with. So let’s fix that quickly:
What I would really like to see from Apple is a 12”-13” iPad like device that’s running OS X.
Or, in other words and using more words, I would like to have myself a Mac delivered in the iPad shape factor. But it should still be a Mac, with gigs of storage in the three digits and plenty of RAM, with a current generation I5 Intel CPU, with an HDMI output, and at least a couple of USB outputs. Basically, I’m looking for a device that would do everything I need my computer to do, but deliver it in a portable package that would feel as if I’m carrying an iPad while allowing me to use a wireless keyboard for the serious stuff. I’m looking for a device that fills the same niche that my now aging MacBook Air filled several years ago.
I would like to note that such a device would also allow me to cut down my gadget armada. Instead of running a Mac, an iPad and an iPhone, I could just settle for one MacPad and one iPhone (the 6 Plus, thank you very much). Then again, it is this cannibalisation that is probably preventing Apple from coming up with such a product.
The beauty of it is there are indications Apple is on its way to deliver this very gadget already:

  • There have been rumours concerning an iPad Pro like device for a while now.
  • There have also been rumours concerning a brand new design for a fanless 12” MacBook Air utilising Intel Broadwell technology CPUs.
  • Apple has released its own SIM together with the iPad Air 2. A SIM allowing users to switch providers and plans quickly and seamlessly.
  • We know that Yosemite, the recent OS X release, supports hotspotting. In other words, it won’t take much for Apple to deliver a Mac with an Apple SIM inside.
Microsoft did it already, to one extent or another, with the Surface Pro; its third incarnation would have been a gem if it was running anything other than Windows.
Come on, Apple. Make my day.

Image by brett jordan, Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0) licence

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