Thursday, 2 October 2014

All you need to know about contemporary Australian politics in 13 bullet points

  1. Like any organisation worth its name, and like most other political parties, the Australian Liberal Party’s chief concern is with the preservation of the Liberal Party.
  2. In order to ensure its preservation, the Liberal Party needs money.
  3. In order to get money, it needs to be on the good side of its beneficiaries. Which, in the case of the Liberal Party, is the rich ruling class (aka "The One Percent").
  4. Therefore, the Liberal Party is dedicated, first and foremost, to serving this class.
  5. In its wisdom, the Australian electorate has decided to put the Liberal Party with its allies (aka "The Coalition") in charge of running Australia.
  6. Once in control, the Liberal Party wasted no time in doing its masters’ bidding. The prime manifestation of that is its budget for the 2014-2015 fiscal year.
  7. Clearly, the Australian people did not like a budget that screwed the vast majority of them in and out.
  8. The popularity of the Liberal Party started to sink faster than the Titanic.
  9. It became obvious to Liberal Party leaders that, if they want to further pursue their goals, the public’s attention needs to be distracted.
  10. A new old enemy has been quickly retrieved from the recycling bin, ISIS.
  11. Australia is now waging war on ISIS, both internally and internationally.
  12. Feeding off pre-existing xenophobia, previously witnessed through attitude towards the plight of refugees, and with the aid of the media, the public proves easily distracted.
  13. Now free to return to its core agenda of serving the ruling class that feeds it, the Liberal Party passes new legislation allowing those in power to do whatever they want to whoever they want.

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