Thursday, 14 August 2014

Still Alive

This winter might have started late, but once it started it sure did. Start.
By this point in time I caught four to five colds, but it is the last one that moved me so much as to write this post. It has been so bad my head felt locked out of this world. Even a simple task, like emailing work to inform it with my absence, became a project: I found myself starting all sorts of applications but not the browser that I needed, and then typing the right URL proved a major challenge. And you know something is very wrong with yours truly when I can't even get a browser to work properly!
By now I am much better, thanks for asking, and obviously capable of staring into a computer screen (at least for a limited while). I am, however, still "weak as water", to quote Mrs Slocombe, and judging by what fellow citizens have been going through I might have to learn to live with it for a couple more weeks.
While I rejoice in getting better, allow me to point out the tragedy of the situation to you. As in, being home for around a week, on my own (during the work day), surrounded by books, comics, video games, music and computers - but totally unable to use any of them. If Shakespeare was half the playwright they say he is, he would have written a tragedy about modern day colds.

On another note altogether: I did spend some time thinking about the people of Gaza who were ordered to leave their houses in order to facilitate bombings. The thought of having to leave my house, feeling the way I was feeling, sure helped me realise how lucky I am to be living in a country like Australia.
It's just a pity Melbourne's winters are so bleak.

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