Monday, 18 August 2014

Game, Rediscovered

I had, and still have, some plans for posts in both this blog and my reviews blog.
Problem is, last week Good Game published its list of Best 100 Video Games as voted by the Australian Public That Bothered To Vote (you can download the episode for offline viewing here). In case you're wondering, Skyrim was the winner, but I don't care much for Skyrim: my main take was Mass Effect 3 reaching only as high as 18th spot while the generally inferior Mass Effect 2 out-took it and earnt 11th place. Clearly, the Australian Public That Bothered To Vote likes Mass Effect, but was bothered by certain aspects of Mass Effect 3. Most certainly, the ending.
Me, I wasn't that bothered by the ending. That is, I was and I am, but as a person who deals in software development I cannot see a way for BioWare to have practically developed an ending that answers to all the potential plot threads. In other words, for reasons to do with limited resources, they had to converge the ending threads into what the general public now acknowledges to be a rather disappointing ending, especially given all the buildup.
Being that I like to have my ears open to the public cries, I thought I'd see what the Mass Effect 2 fuss was all about. So I started playing that game, again. And I got caught in it, quite badly. Again.

You will therefore have to excuse me. Between all the various things I have to do, saving the galaxy (again) is at or near the top of my priority list. Sorry, but business has to come before pleasure.

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wile.e.coyote said...

You people don't have a clue about good games.
Only one out of my 3 votes was nominated (WoW #10).
Where are my Bubble Bubble and Max Payne votes?

I bought Skyrim a year ago on steam, but was too busy playing WoW and running so I didn't even open it once.