Monday, 14 July 2014

World United

Yes, I would have preferred my team Holland to win the World Cup, but it’s not like I’m complaining. The team playing the best football won, and the fact that football was quite attractive only adds points in their favour. Second choice out of 32 isn’t too bad, isn’t it?
More importantly, characters such as Philipp Lahm and Joachim Löw deserve this trophy. Especially the latter, who proved Germany can get the results it is famous for getting in a very entertaining manner. There simply cannot be any comparison with the boring Franz Beckenbauer led team Germany presented back in 1990.

It goes without saying, but as great as football is, it is just a game; and a rather silly one at that. Is there something wrong with that? Not at all! Just look at this tiny little international incident this game had caused.
Alix Wilton Regan, the British actress who donated her voice to Mass Effect’s Traynor and to the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Inquisitor, did the natural thing and tweeted her delight to Germany scoring; I answered, and she than favoured my reply:
As I said, this is nothing. It’s completely meaningless. Or is it?
Think about it: an incident taking place in Brazil involving the nations of Argentina and Germany was discussed by a Brit whose night was starting and an Aussie whose new day was dawning. In real time.
Don’t tell me there are no wonders left in this world.

P.S. I'll leave you with this video from Alix:

P.P.S. It’s two years now to the Euro and the next bout of sleepless football nights. Guess that’s a price one has to pay when one chooses to leave at the world’s backside. On the positive side, it got me off my football addiction; I hardly ever watch games anymore.

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