Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Saving Throw

Toilets are most definitely an under appreciated part of our lives. Think of how much time we spend inside one; how much of it is quality time, probably the only true quiet time many of us truly have for ourselves; and also pay notice to the fact that adequately running toilets are probably responsible for saving many lives, if not allowing modern day congested city living to take place in the first place.

Which is why I thought it proper to indulge you on a little toilet story of mine.
Several weeks ago I was doing what people do at the office toilet. Upon finishing my business I got up, and... for reasons still eluding me, my iPhone shot out of my pants pocket as I rose up. It flew above the cubicle door, and landed with a big bang on the hard tile floor somewhere on the other side.
I figured that was it for my phone, at least for its screen. Seeing no reason to hurry, I organised myself properly, left the cubicle as if nothing had happened, and went to see what was left of my phone.
And... nothing. Not a broken screen, not even a scratch was there to tell that my phone had just crashed on stones from more than two meters up high. Everything was in working order, thank you very much.
Somewhere out there I must have rolled a 20.

Sure, luck had a lot to do with my phone still working. But it wasn't only luck at work here.
First, the iPhone 5 has been known since its release to be a pretty robust phone, probably the most robust smartphone out there. That was one of the major reasons I picked it in particular: during the expected service life of 3 years in my pockets, I tend to drop my phone about twice a year. It is therefore necessary to buy a phone that would withstand those crashes. Alas, none of the phones coming since the iPhone 5 (including the similar looking 5S) are as robust, and I suspect the trend towards phablets will only make things worse.
Second, my phone wears a subtle cover designed to ensure its screen does not suffer the direct impact of a fall. It certainly seems as if that el-cheapo cover I got off eBay works.
My point? Being lucky is nice and all, but taking measures to ensure luck goes in your favour never hurts. Do not rely on rolling twenties the whole of your life.

Image by Scott Arg, Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) licence

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