Friday, 25 July 2014

Reasons to Not Be Cheerful, Part 3

The world seems intent on destroying any kind of good mood lately. Reasons include:

  1. The situation in Israel, where both sides seem intent on winning top awards for committing crimes against humanity. Extra credit goes to the Israeli leadership that led its people into this very avoidable war.
  2. Flight MH17, which shows that as unlikely as it is to get knocked off the sky, you never know when and where your turn will come up. Regardless, here's another sign for humanity's rather hopeless state of affairs.
  3. My employment / unemployment situation, which currently has my employer notifying us whether we still have a job or not on a daily basis (!).
  4. Everybody getting sick around me. As I type, both my wife and my son are sick.
  5. Melbourne winter. I hate this time of year; for some reason, even though there are plenty of worse winters to be had, Melbourne's are ever so bleak.
I think the correct answer is (6): All of the above.

1 comment:

wile.e.coyote said...

It is very sad to see you continue with your pro-Israeli views and compare the suffering of the Palestinian woman and children to the cruelty and violence of the Israeli occupation army.
It is clear based on the results of killing 20 times Palestinian woman and children people over Israeli soldiers that the Palestinian are the innocent victims here.
The Palestinian people were put under a non-human siege that didn't allow them to get access to concrete and coriander for many months.
Both Egypt and Israel tried to starve to death 1.8M people that just wanted to feed their young ones.
Wake up and smell the قهوة