Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Third Time Unlucky

I have had my fair share of fun with Aldi PVRs. I bought a very simple one, with simple being an understatement, but kept it because it does its basic job and only cost me $35. Then I bought another one, which was meant to be a prime time model, but quickly returned it because it was a failure in almost every category that counts.
Well, today I bought another Aldi PVR at today's special sale: a 1TB, Bauhn branded model selling for $200 (pictured). And? And once again I will be returning it to the shop at the nearest opportunity.
The reason is a fairly mundane one. No, it is not the way too brightly lit blue standby light that shines directly into your eyes; we've covered that one up. Instead, it is the rather loud hum that comes out of the unit whenever it's off (but, oddly enough, not when it's on). It's that type of hum that can drive one crazy; it's also a sign of cheap power supplies.
Oh, and by the way, I also bought a pair of wireless headphones from Aldi today for $40. I thought they'd be good for middle of the night World Cup viewing. I should have known better: while the "reduce volume" button on the headphones works, the "raise volume" one doesn't. Yet another reason to visit Aldi at my earliest convenience.

Aldi, if you're reading this, please lift your game!

Image rights: Aldi

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