Sunday, 25 May 2014

Local Warming

I have distinct memories from my arrival to Australia. It was the month of May, and it was freezing cold. The sign might have said I landed in Melbourne, but as far as I was concerned I just landed at Antarctica.
The trauma remains. I dread Melbourne's winters and their bleakness. I hate the months when I get to work in the morning and it's still dark and when I leave work in the evening and it's already dark. I hate not being able to see the sun shine through the clouds for weeks on. And I hate the month of May, for being the harbinger of this months long calamity.

But this May? This May was (and still is) a joke. There was hardly a day I needed a coat. These past three weeks there wasn't a day I didn't find myself wearing nothing but a t-shirt. This May has been warmer than most Aprils!
If I, a guy who hasn't been to Australia for that long, can note the changing weather patterns already, then what does it tell us about this calamity we call global warming?

Image by Milica (in English Militza i think), Creative Commons licence

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