Monday, 12 May 2014

Budget 2014-2015

The Liberal’s three step plan for implementing its policies on an Australian public that would generally reject them is nothing short of brilliant:

Step 1: Scare the public into panic stations
They did that already before the elections with the refugee scapegoat, and now they’ve done the same with the budget. Nothing has changed, really, but through a simple change of assumptions that they’ve made at their own whim (see here) the Liberals were able to get away with declaring a budget emergency.

Step 2: Offer seemingly objective solutions
By creating a seemingly objective review of Australia’s financials, the Liberals managed to make the public consider their ideological approach as if it was a mainstream expert’s one. It took two things: establishing a committee with a very formal, expert sounding yet meaningless title, the “Commission of Audit”; and populating that committee with people that render it nothing other than a neoliberal think-tank.

Step 3: Execution
That’s where the budget for 2014-2015 comes in. It’s obviously no good for the average Aussie, but it sure as hell conforms with Liberal party ideology (little or no government, take from the poor and give to the rich). Brilliant.

And in other news, we are at war with Eurasia!

Image by Stephen Rowly, Creative Commons licence

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