Monday, 28 April 2014

One Day

For the past few weeks I have been using an application called Day One (available for both iOS and OS X). There is nothing particularly magical about the app; it is just another note taking application, albeit one that is very calendar centric. In other words, it lets you take notes and associate them with a specific day on your calendar. This makes it useful for taking, say, job related notes (things one did or one needs to do at a particular date). This also makes for a very nice personal diary. 
Originally, this - a diary - was the intended use of this blog. That, however, was before the shroud of naivety was lifted from the Internet; nowadays I think twice before posting personal stuff. It was therefore nice to find myself chit chatting with myself about the stuff I did today on Day One. Also, now that I'm a Twitter veteran, I'm better at making things short and concise, preventing time wastages. 
The information I put into Day One is stored on either/or iCloud or Dropbox, which means everything I write stays between the NSA and I. Alternatively, I can choose to make things public via Day One's own publishing facilities, but then again why should I wish to do that when I already have a blog and a Twitter account? 
Still, the question of sharing does bug me. While most of the personal stuff I Day One about would be of no interest to no one, I suspect some friends will be interested in some of it. Very little, but some. Being able to share, in a manner less cumbersome and intrusive than email, would therefore be nice.
It then occurred to me that most people are already on this train through a tool called Facebook. That type of sharing is exactly the service that Facebook was meant to provide. Alas, this brings me back to that shroud of naivety I mentioned earlier: by now we know Facebook is not a social tool but rather a privacy mining one. 
What I'm trying to say here is, wouldn't it be nice if there was a tool at our disposal that would do what Facebook was supposed to do, but do it with the interest of its users as its prime directive? No, I'm not holding my hopes up high on this one, not with the Facebook elephant in the already too tight room. And certainly not with the USA actively trying to kill all of what remains of the concept of net neutrality. 

Maybe one day.

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The Supporting Moshe said...

Why wait for someone else? Why don't you create one for like mind people?