Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Beethoven and I

That dreaded phone call had finally arrived. It's not like I hadn't been expecting it, but it did not mean I was ready to be told my father had just died.
The funeral took place today. It was only the third ever funeral I've had the displeasure of attending, but for reasons that will probably never be clear I had the company of Beethoven, amongst other friends, by my side. Whereas my uncle's funeral, almost two decades ago, had his 6th symphony (or rather, the storm part) running through my head, the soundtrack this time came from the 7th second movement.

I am not in the mood for further deliberations at this point in time. I'm sure that will come, eventually,  probably in the not distant future.

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Sarah said...

As I get older instead of making a mental list of the music I want played at my wedding I now think what would I like for my funeral. Having attended my fair share of funerals the music plays a big role in the feel and tone of the day. My father in law's funeral recently just felt so heavy and sombre with the heavy classical German music. Instead of it feeling like a celebration of a life it seemed to make a difficult day even worse.

In contrast as I was in charge of the music for my Mum's funeral and I chose a selection of Beatles and Alex Lloyd songs as this represented significant periods of her life and music she enjoyed so felt like a nicer tribute to her.

A funeral is a difficult experience at the best of times especially when it is a close family member. Different family members have different expectations of the day and pulling all those together in a harmonious way is challenging.

I was sorry to hear the sad news about your Dad and hope you are coping ok.