Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Netflix, keep away from Australia!

With Netflix working as smoothly and easily as it now does at our household, there is only one thing I have to say to the company:
Please, Netflix, do not come over to Australia and release a local service!

If I appear to contradict myself, allow me to explain. There are only two things that will happen if Netflix properly opens itself up to Aussie users, instead of us Aussie users pretending to be Americans in order to use the service:
  1. Prices will double, and
  2. The Netflix movie catalog would be reduced to the two meaningless titles that the movie studios will allow Netflix to offer to Australian users.
So, do we really want those things to happen? Clearly, Netflix is a much better service the way it is now, unencumbered by the Australian Tax.
Please, stay away, Netflix!

Image by Trevor Dickinson, Creative Commons licence

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