Saturday, 30 November 2013

Humus Envy

A few months ago I was approached by a friendly office colleague. I know you like humus, I was told; but have you heard of this food called “ta-hi-ni”?
I was polite and all, even if the scenario was not unlike asking Neil Armstrong whether he heard of this place called “the moon”. What can I say, clearly Aussies don’t know their humus.

A fortnight ago I visited my GP. I am at a critical stage, I was told, where the quality of my diet and other habits will dictate the quality of my latter years. Being that this has turned into a life and death discussion, she moved forward into a third degree as to my eating habits. Unsurprisingly, she identified an issue with my consumption of fruits.
“You [said in a way that sounded a lot like a plural you] like humus, don’t you?”
Well, duh.
“So why won’t you squeeze a lemon over your humus? That’s your missing fruit.”

What am I trying to say here?
I’m trying to show there are indications that humus is breaking into Australian consciousness. It seems to be doing so through two niches: those who have “seen the world” and are happy to embrace the best it has to offer, such as foods otherwise deemed exotic; and those conscious of their health.
However, despite these breakthroughs, Aussies continue to demonstrate abject ignorance when it comes to the matter of the quality of their humus. So much so they are unable to imagine there are higher realms of humus out there. Instead, they settle for stuff that, to me, tastes like it came out of a field ration.

And then my best friend from Israel Whatsapp-ed me the above image.
Allow me to translate the image: he is eating his favourite humus, or at least the humus that used to be his favourite at the time he and I used to visit this particular humus joint (Tel Aviv’s Humus Ashkara) twice a week. Although I doubt my stomach would manage the exercise today, that old habit of ours lasted several years, concluding when one of us decided to leave the country.
He sure knows how to rub it in.

Image copyrights are retained by my friend. Reproduced here with permission.


wile.e.coyote said...

Something does not add up, the gentleman in the image wear a top athlete watch, as I can see it is the Polar RC3 GPS.
Are you saying that such a great athlete is eating Humus?

Moshe Reuveni said...

1. Calling him "a great athlete" is an understatement.
2. Good humus is made in heaven.

wile.e.coyote said...

After few years of diet, living only on Bahadonas and Givatyim Humus it felt weird to go back to Askara.
Unlike the light Humus, Askara feels at an 1 ton ACME weight in the inside of you.
It is very dense, but still tastier than the competitors.

P.S. comment was posted 33 minutes before going to check out Eden in Hod HaSharon

Moshe Reuveni said...

I like Givataim Humus; I had it almost every day and some times several times a day during my last visit in April. Before leaving Israel, though, I remember a comparison with Ashkara was heresy.
Bahadonas? Oy Givald!

wile.e.coyote said...

My office colleagues and me continue to explore Humus places around the office area.
There seems to be a lot of options around (in 15 minutes drive distance) even that the Sharon area is not known as Humus oriented area.
It helps that there is an Arab town 10 minute drive from work (Castle).
Humus is great there but come with his risks, last time I was little sick for a day after eating there.
I was there today and only time will tell in which room will I spend this night.