Tuesday, 22 October 2013

On the Online Distribution of Memes

When anthropologists from the 22nd century (and later) research cultural development during the early 21st century, they might want to check my morning experience with Twitter.
It started with me reading a column by Yossi Gurvitz. I tweeted one of the items in Gurvitz’ article to my Twitter followers, currently numbering at about 200. My tweet was picked by Asher Wolf, who retweeted it to her army of 30,000 followers. Many of her followers retweeted me again, and eventually Graham Linehan (you might know him as the guy behind The IT Crowd) retweeted it to his 300,000 followers.

Overall, my tweet of an article identified by someone else in Israel had been repeated more than 50 times and [probably] read by a six digit crowd spanning across the globe. Think about it technology wise: a person that hardly anyone heard of, yours truly, managed such distribution in the manner of an hour. No wonder newspapers are dying.

Image by Scott Beale, Creative Commons license

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