Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Curse Continues

Hell. Yes.

I finally put my hands on a copy of Skyrim the other week. Skyrim, in case you don’t know, is a video game set in a Dungeons & Dragons like universe and puts its hero – you – on an anti dragon quest of personal development. It also happens to be the game that most people claim to be the best release of 2011. Two years later, I was able to get it for my PS3 for only $20.
What do I make of it?
Well, it seems like a decent game with an open universe plenty big enough to explore, on the way encountering many characters and going on all sorts of varied quests. But…
But the characters are, well, a bit ugly. Even after investing time on the creation of mine. And the graphics? I’ve seen better. And the character interactions? They tend to be one dimensional; I am yet to find a character I care for much. They’re all simply there to send me/guide me on quests.
Let me narrow my problem down for you: my problem with Skyrim is that it’s not that other game, the game many deem as 2012’s best game. It’s not Mass Effect.
Sure, you get an open world to rammage through. But none of the people you meet have half the depth of Mass Effect’s characters. Characters that became household names. Characters I found myself caring for.
I like Skyrim. I suspect I will play it a lot. But ultimately, I can’t avoid feeling I’d enjoy playing the real thing yet again instead.

This is not the first time I am encountering the “not as good as Mass Effect” syndrome. However, Skyrim is by far the most acclaimed game in which I find myself suffering as I play.
Perhaps my problem lies in my approach. Perhaps I shouldn’t have named my Skyrim character Shepard and designed her to look like my FemShep?

Image by Megan Morris, Creative Commons license

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