Monday, 16 September 2013

Heads Will Roll...

I've been to that movie before. It's highly likely you've seen it, too: through this and that, rumours of upcoming layoffs start popping at one's place of work. As the rumours become more and more substantiated, one can feel how people switch into survival mode.
And that's where I currently am. Again. It's a sign of the times, really: the concept of a job for life is truly dead and gone; it is just a question of time for the majority of us till the grip reaper comes for our job. Nowadays this usually takes place in the shape of some clever org structure dropped from high above, which adds to the general claustrophobic mood: some know more than others, some less, while some are actively involved in the planning. Who's going to be the winner and keep their job? Who will lose? Who is the friend and who is the foe?
I guess it's time to polish up my CV. There's also that online CV called LinkedIn, but I doubt anything will come out of an investment there other than further erosion of my privacy. On the other hand, the job market out here doesn't look that great; if I'm out there, might as well come out with guns blazing.
For now I'm just hoping the veil of uncertainty would be removed quickly so that I can tell which way my ship will be sailing.

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