Friday, 16 August 2013

What’s been bothering us these days?

Broken tile

Well, aside from severe health issues with family members overseas (which, in general, I avoid discussing here so as not to infringe on others’ privacy)?
The most time consuming, stressful affairs we have been dealing with lately are to do with our house. It’s been almost a year now since its extension was concluded, but the story is far from over for us. Since moving back in we found ourselves deep in all sorts of issues we would have preferred not to find ourselves in: a roof that lets water in, a water heater that’s prone to breaking down and is way too noisy when it’s working, and a door lock that keeps us safely out of our house. All these issues have been going on for a while now.
I won’t go any further as there is a fair chance we would find ourselves at a position where we decide “the hell with it, let’s go to court” (VCAT, in our case). Till then we’re wasting our quality time writing letters and feeling stressed.

Image by cynicalview, Creative Commons license

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