Saturday, 31 August 2013

The State of Our Democracy

So now we know: Australia is taking an active part in the whole NSA snooping affair, actively snooping on Internet traffic going in and out of Australia. To make it clear, unless you fail to understand the implications: everything you do on the Internet that is not encrypted passes under the watchful eye of your government, and even the encrypted stuff gets noted (and there's a lot to be learned even without cracking the encryption; besides, we know the NSA keeps encrypted stuff, potentially indefinitely). In effect, we are living in a scenario equivalent to someone listening in on all of our phone calls, reading all of our letters, and then some.
Lucky for us, we have elections coming up in a week’s time. But do you hear anything about this affair in what passes for public debate? Sure, the usual suspects, Pirate Party Australia and The Greens are doing their best to make a fuss. Indeed, both were ranked highest for their privacy policy by a non politically associated privacy group; the rest of the parties fell far behind. But seriously – did you hear anything about it all? The silence is deafening.
Some great democracy you have going here, Oceania. Big Brother is proud of you.

Image:  I have no idea who owns the rights to the above image. However, I do know that George Orwell's 1984 is in the public domain, at least in Australia. Under Australian copyright laws, copyright in literary works of authors, who died before 1955, has expired.

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