Monday, 26 August 2013

The School Show

I saw me two disturbing things in one morning.
The first involved a guy peeing in the urinal while messaging on his iPhone with his other hand. Check out the coordination there! Surely the guy's a drummer. Then again, I wasn’t that impressed with him washing only one hand while continuing to mess with his phone on the other.
The second sight took place at school. My son’s Prep class was gathering inside as parents dropped their kids off, with the kids sitting at the far end of the room while us parents stood by the door. Then one of the girls, I don’t know who, stood up with her back to me and did a show to the boys in front of her: she jiggled her bottom from side to side while slowly lifting up her shirt. Luckily, she has another shirt underneath, but there were no questions in my head as to what I was witnessing: the girl was acting out her version of a striptease show.
The boys were laughing/smiling, obviously unaware there was more to this act than your usual childish fooling around. To me it was obvious that girl was acting out something she saw elsewhere, probably at home.
Now, I’m not one of those puritans whose purpose in telling this story is putting everyone involved in the porn industry at the stake; quite the contrary. To me this was a signal for just how much kids absorb from their surrounding and just how careful parents need to be around their kids. And I’m making this statement with myself in mind, because I’m quite liberal with what I allow my son to be exposed to.
Clearly, sex education and openness on matters of sex have never been as important as they are nowadays. That, in my opinion, is the only way to address all the stuff our kids are inevitably exposed to. Because knowledge beats ignorance.

Image by philippe leroyer, Creative Commons license

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