Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Look at this picture, what do you see?

Any decent human being would see two Russian athletes using the opportunity offered to them by the stage they were on to protest against Russia's recent anti gay legislation. I, for one, applaud their brave and just act. We need more of them!
Others, however, will regard the protestors to bring shame to their country and family. A blight on Russia’s otherwise impeccable record.
Which reminds me of this certain person who was condemned to bring shame upon his country and family by virtue of him daring to criticize Israel. It wasn’t his arguments that made those certain people see him as a blight on humanity, but rather the mere fact he dared to argue in the first place.
What do I think of those people that are all too eager to point at their rising levels of shame? Relatives or not, they are bloody idiots.

I have no idea who owns the copyrights to this now viral photo. If it happens to be you, and you would like me to remove the photo, please let me know.

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