Thursday, 22 August 2013

Election Hopes

With the two big parties fighting it out on who can be crueller towards fellow human beings and who can provide the most benefits to voter back pockets at the expense of crumbling infrastructure and services, I find myself rather switched off for this upcoming elections. Sure, I would prefer Labor over the Liberals, but it’s purely a matter of opting for the lesser evil. And make no mistakes about it, between their refugee policies and their civil liberties policies, as put under the looking glass by Edward Snowden, they are both evil.
If that is the case with what is alleged to be the election’s main event, the question I found myself asking is what are my aspirations out of these upcoming elections. As in, what would I consider to be worthy achievements?
The answers are pretty straight forward. I would be very happy if the following take place:
  1. The Pirate Party manages to get a member voted for the senate. Off the running candidates, the ones I cheer for the most are Brendan Molloy (NSW) and Melanie Thomas (QLD).
  2. Leslie Cannold, running under the Wikileaks Party, gets into the senate. Because, as I said here before, from atheist conventions to book authoring, Cannold is the Australian intellectual I respect the most. And she even knows me!
  3. Scott Ludlam, Greens member for WA senate, gets re-elected. Ludlam has been serving as the key champion for civil liberties in the current senate, and the sole champion of online liberties. You can therefore very rightfully argue he is “my” champion.
Sadly, out of the above I can only label the third a realistic option. Yet even Ludlam’s chances have been severely hampered by nasty Liberal preferences putting Greens last.
Other than the above three key wins, I would be very happy to see more Greens elected to the lower house, although I suspect the chances are slim. I would very much like to see Greens elected for senate in all states, and I wouldn’t mind if some of the other parties that stand for something good – The Secular Party or The Democrats, to name but two – get their senate seats.

Image: Melanie Thomas

Between writing this and actually posting I learned Leslie Cannold resigned from senate candidacy. Her reasons (see here) are directly to do with the issue I have pointed at before when specifying why I prefer Pirate Party Australia over The Wikileaks Party: the former does what it preaches and works in absolute transparency, the latter doesn’t.
Case in point was the parties’ preference deals, the issue that got to Cannold. The Pirate Party ran a fully transparent voting system, allowing its members to rank preferences and vote for specific preference deals (with the likes of The Greens and The Democrats). The final result, as expected, puts the likeminded parties at the top, and the religious + far right at the very bottom. The same did not happen at The Wikileaks Party.
I can only applaud Leslie Cannold’s integrity for standing up, again, to the values she believes in. Very atypical in the world of politics, I’m sure you’d agree.

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