Thursday, 18 July 2013

Summer Kisses Winter Tears


One of this winter’s core themes has been the following: generally, I’m feeling fine; once I get into the office I feel bad. It is important to note this has nothing to do with work itself, as I find myself perfectly happy when I get to work from home; it’s just the office environment that does it to me. This winter.
Thus far I managed to dig up the following ideas in order to explain this phenomenon:
  1. Environmental causes: There is something in the air conditioning that stuffs me up. Or could it be the neon lighting?
  2. Psychological causes: The combination of wearing uniform (otherwise known as “business clothing”) plus the sight of an office work to unscrew too many nuts in my head.
  3. I’m getting older.
What do you think? Did you find yourself stuck in similar themes?

On a totally different note, this winter’s other core theme has been its rather mild nature. Thus far, at least. As in, we had cold, we even have rain from time to time, but we’re past the middle of July and we are yet to have the weeks upon weeks of miserable, sunless, weather that hit Melbourne on an annual basis.
I was talking to my mother, expressing my worries concerning these visible effects of global warming. “Oh, so now you are trying to fix the world?”, my mother replied her nasty, accusing tone.
There is just no pleasing some.

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