Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Spider Man

I, for one, do consider the average Aussie to have been mistreated, and cruelly so, through the local culture’s lack of exposure to the culinary delights of humus and its variants. However, on their side, Aussies do have some tricks of their own that can partially make up for the trauma [very partially!].
In other words, who could have thought that adding ice cream to a fizzy drink could cause such delight?
I’m talking about a drink known locally as a “spider” (I was told Brits refer to it as a “float”). The concept is simple: put a ball of ice cream in a glass and add a carbonated drink. The mixture will create a layer of foam of varying thickness depending on the drink: cream soda seems to work better than the rest, and diet drinks do not perform as well (but they do perform).
Regardless of the foam and its thickness, the mere combination of ice cream and a nice drink works wonders. I’m hooked; so much so that Sunday I had three spiders, one with each main meal.
And as always when it comes to food I’m unable to hold myself from, I do not want to stop and think of the implications spiders hold for my weight.

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