Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Pigs Can Fly

A question to my fellow travellers. When you stay at a certain place, how do you compare between that place and other places you’ve stayed at before?
It sounds simple, but an objective comparison is not easily achieved. There are lots of factors to take into account, like price, value for money, location, room size, Internet connectivity, sleep quality, amenities, and a whole lot more.
Allow me, therefore, to propose a much simpler evaluation method. And it goes like this.
In my opinion, the quality of the breakfast experience seems to have significant impact on the memories of perceived quality I have left after visiting a place. It also seems a good indicator for everything else. As in, if the breakfast is good, so is the hotel; if it's bad, the stay is not as nice. Breakfast matters.
Now, let me ask you this: how does one rate a breakfast?
Oh, I can hear you coming back with a multitude of answers. But I’ll stop you before exhaustion takes you over. Think about it: what is the most important part of a good traveller’s breakfast? What is the one single thing that can make an otherwise average to good breakfast awesome?
I will spell my answer for you: B-A-C-O-N.
That’s it. Bacon. No need to bother describing the rest of the breakfast; no need to tell me what the hotel is like and how near it is to the attractions. Just tell me one thing: how good is its bacon?

I was thinking of this Bacon Meter while galloping and refilling my plate with more bacon at Sydney’s Sheraton on the Park hotel the other week. Smoked and crispy, its bacon was done just right, albeit not as good as Canberra’s Crowne Plaza. The latter goes one step further to offer elastic pink bacon for the non believers and proper crispy bacon to those that know and like their bacon. Still, the Sheraton does marginally better than the Swissotel Stamford at Singapore: while theirs is definitely smoked, it is not as crispy.
Then we have the disappointing hotels, those that cannot produce bacon for the life of them. My number one disappointment proved to be the Swissotel Sydney, where I simply avoided the bacon altogether; and as you should be able to tell by now, when the bacon is this bad then the rest of the stay has its issues. Then there are the average hotels, like Rydges, who offer what I describe as a “compromised meh experiences”: their bacon is, indeed, meh.
So there you go. Trip Advisor? No thanks. Just give me a good, reliable, bacon rating.


MC said...

Best bacon, go to Canada. It spoilt me, bacon elsewhere has never reached those heights since.

Moshe Reuveni said...

OK, I'm officially tempted. I also feel like I missed something important when I did visit Canada...

MC said...

My Canadian aunt commented pork in general has a funny taste here. I don't know about that but pork does in general taste better in Canada. That being said the food I'd import from Canada is good quality maple syrup!