Friday, 28 June 2013

Robert Lucas Blues

Once upon a time, when I was still a full time audiophile and the Internet was in its infancy, I wrote a review for Robert Lucas' aptly named blues record, Completely Blue. In that review I claimed this album from this rather elusive artist is, in my opinion, the best blues album I have ever heard.
I can discuss how I got to hear of this particular album and this particular artist in detail, but suffice to say my exposure came through Lucas recording through an audiophile label, Audioquest. The more interesting story is that as a result of my review I got Lucas' agent to contact me to ask if I really meant the compliment; I explained that I did, and in the course of our email correspondences we got to talk about this and that and what the agent thought would be good for Lucas' future career.
Years went by. I am no longer the audiophile I used to be; I have a family, a mortgage, I moved to the other side of the globe, and I hardly get the time to properly listen to music anymore. In many respects I am quite different from the person I used to be. But yesterday, as I was sick [again!] at home, I foraged through Spotify collection of long forgotten Audioquest recordings and stumbled upon Lucas'. I hit play and listened to his I Miss Being High, a song about you-know-what, and immediately recalled how much joy Lucas' songs about food and being fat brought me. I continued listening through sheer delight; the thought I had in my head after that album and Luke and the Locomotives finished playing were along the lines of "after all these years, this is still the best blues album I have ever heard".
Then I read Spotify's biography of Lucas, and found he had died of drug overdose back in 2008. My thoughts returned to his I Miss Being High, a song that had many a friend laugh (not to mention some nice memories with female friends these laughs were partly responsible for). I realized that the sad reality is that the song was probably more than a laughing line for Lucas himself.
But I still have his music and I still love it. It's my kind of blues.

Image: Completely Blue by Robert Lucas

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