Friday, 17 May 2013

How to Vote Guide

Aussie Dollars

It is only a hundred days or so before PM Tony Abbott steps into his new office. It is therefore only understandable that people are already starting to talk the “how are we going to vote” talk.
Back in Israel such conversations had much more substance. In the Israel I had left, voting was generally based on a simple concept: everyone around us wants to kill us, so how do we best avoid this fate? If you believed the better survival course was along the path of peace you voted left; if an “let’s kill them all” ideology reverberated better with your heart, you would vote to the right.
Perhaps tragically, Australia lacks any immediate existential threats, be it real or perceived. I thus hear more and more people reporting their voting preferences coming down to something along the lines of “Liberals promise to do this thing which would give me $200 extra, whereas Labor promises to do this thing which would give me $150 extra, therefore I’m voting Liberal”. Such arguments became even more popular now that the Baby Bonus (a competitor for the silliest middle class welfare concept ever) has been abolished to the disappointment of many an Australian voter.
I can’t take it when such conversations pop up. I pop myself up, asking the people involved whether they are really going to base their vote on such petty nonsense, paying total disregard to the slight matter of policies? Don’t you care about things like global warming or asylum seekers? However, raising these questions only further exposes my UnAustralian roots. For everybody around here knows people vote with their back pockets; how dare I shatter their comfort zone by suggesting they are short sighted selfish bastards?
The selfish bastards that will land Tony Abbott his new office shortly*.

*Not that Labor is much better, but did you ever stop to consider voting for a smaller, not yet corrupted party? If enough of us do so then we actually might get somewhere. Somewhere better. I mean, just check out how successful some independents were last time around.

Image by InfoMofo, Creative Commons license

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