Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Dealing with Apple Crap

Lightning to USB Cable

One of the more annoying ways in which Apple works to raise more money from the fools who buy its products, fools such as I, is by creating new standards and forcing them upon said fools. First we had the Micro SIM but the industry caught up; lately the iPhone 5 brought along the Nano SIM and the Lightning connector.
It is the latter that is the most astonishing. As in, why couldn’t Apple align itself with everybody else and start using Micro USB connectors? No, it chose to force its fools to buy new cables and accessories instead. Accessories which it offers for stupid amounts of money ($15 per cable, as far as I know).
So I went and spent $3.50 to get two Lightning cables on eBay. They arrived yesterday, causing me to drain my iPhone’s battery (through game playing) just so I could test one of the cable’s at charging. And… just like the aftermarket iPhone cable of the old standard I bought about a year ago to serve in my car, it failed. Charging would start and stop erratically, probably the best recipe for destroying the iPhone's non replaceable battery. I have already contacted the eBay seller asking for my money back.
There is a bigger problem here. On one hand, buying the accessories from Apple feels incredibly foolish - $15 for a silly cable? On the other hand, the cheap replacements from eBay’s vast line-up of Chinese sellers are generally of crap quality. It’s not just the cables: the iPhone 5 lookalike headphones sold on eBay for less than half of Apple’s $35 price are also much less than half as good; they just look similar, but they are certainly not similar in quality.
I’m still calculating my options, but trending towards a makeshift solution. I already bought tiny convertors that allow me to charge my iPhone 5 using a Micro USB cables. That purchase cost me $2, and it allows me to use Micro USB cables to charge, sync and play music in the car via my iPhone. Now all I need is a good cheap source of Micro USB cables; guess I'll try eBay.

Yes, I know. So be aware: Be aware of what you tie yourself into when you buy Apple, and be aware that stuff coming off eBay is all too often fake crap.

Image by Seth Anderson, Creative Commons license

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