Friday, 3 May 2013

A Vision of Humus

I have a dream.

Having recently completed another humus tour of Israel, I am once again dumbfounded as to the lack of good quality humus in Australia and at Melbourne in particular. With all the Israelis and Arabs around one would expect humus aplenty; instead all we have is ready made stuff at the supermarket that tastes like it was ready made and is full of preservatives. That's complimented by tasteless mash one can get at restaurants here and there. The real thing, however, is nowhere to be seen nor tasted.
Something needs to be done to rectify the situation.
It then occurred to me: why don’t I do something about it? Why shouldn’t I take the initiative to fix the problem?
The answer is clear: lack of capital. However, it does not stop me from dreaming. And by now I can say I have a vision! I have a dream!
In my dream I open a humus restaurant. For perceived authenticity’s sake I call it Abou Gadro; Abou Dylan doesn’t sound ring well (in case you don’t know, “Abou” in Arabic stands for father-of).
I will interrogate several humus experts from Israel at the price of a business trip, and buy their secret recipes off. Then I will secure the supply of fresh chickpeas. We shall start by renting an inner city place in a cool area populated by the young and generally conscience, the type that prefers not to deal with dead animals. We will market Abou Gadro's humus as a quality budget meal out, a vegetarian meal that's good for you. For variety's sake we will offer various serves of humus, including humus with ful (broad beans) as well as falafel.
Hype takes over, and soon enough Abou Gadro expands all over Australia, selling humus everywhere from the mine pits of Western Australia to Canberra’s Parliament.

We can do it with a little bit of help. Are you with me or against me?


wile.e.coyote said...

Never been there, but I think Sidney got some fair places of Humus in Auburn & Parramatta.
Running a small business is a damn hard work from morning till the evening, wait for someone else to do the work and enjoy a hot bowl of Humus on his place.
I never had any food you made, but I think Humus is plain technic.
Ful is not for me, love to have a Yochai

Moshe Reuveni said...

1. Even if you visit Sydney, you probably won't visit Auburn or Parramatta. They're not exactly on the tourist map. However, I would be interested to know where you learned about the existence of humus there in the first place?
2. There is something to be said about doing something for the passion of it. It's not like my current job is making me ecstatic; at least humus is something that I love.
3. It is obviously a matter of technique, and no one said I'll be the one doing the cooking. I'll be employed as chief tester.

Haim said...
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wile.e.coyote said...

Moshe Reuveni said...

There are Arab communities here in Melbourne, too, and you can get quite a lot of stuff, too. We frequent Lebanese restaurants. Come to think of it, we frequent Israeli restaurants, too.
However, when all is said and done, with all the Arabs and Israelis here - there is no good humus to be had in Melbourne. At least nothing you, coming from the Land of Plenty Humus, would consider good.