Monday, 1 April 2013

The Good Word

Since I normally like using these pages to complain about the lackluster things around me, I thought I'd dedicate a post to the opposite. I thought of mentioning cases where I have been encountering stellar service. It won't take as much space as a complaint because there is not much to elaborate on, but it is worth much more:
  1. Amaysim: Every time I get to contact my mobile provider of choice I come out happy. Their support people are local and sound like such (for some reason most overseas call centers sport incredibly bad lines), they know what they're talking about, and for whatever reason they always seem to come up with good solutions. While the rest seem to specialize in robbing and upsetting their customers (here's to you, Kogan; not to mention Telstra and such), Amaysim seems enthusiastic to keep them happy.
  2. Officeworks: Every time I visit an Officeworks shop with some esoteric printing requirement that I conjure, their staff seems to go out of their way to please me and then some (as in, point me towards options I didn't even think about). Given these are probably not the highest paid people ever, I wonder why they are so motivated Regardless, I like putting my trust in them.
Note no one paid me for this post.

Image: Amaysim

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