Monday, 18 March 2013

Renewed campaign to further strengthen the odds of keeping the train seat next to me unoccupied

self-portrait, half-shaved

As I did roughly this time of the year two years ago, I am experimenting with the beard thing again. It’s the right time of the year to do so, with the weather getting cooler.
I did notice two changes affecting the course of my beard already. With my hair dwindling by the minute, I now need much more frequent haircuts than I used to. (The unintuitive equation is: the less hair you have, the more often you need to sort it out in order to avoid appearing buffoon like.) Frequent haircuts may imply easier life with a beard, as I would trim the beard together with the hair. (The beard has to be trimmed, because there is nothing worse than the sensation of facial hair on my lips. OK, there are worse things than that, but you catch the drift.)
The second thing I noticed is that my beard now features quite a lot of white hairs. That’s a disadvantage, because the beard’s alternative – shaving – allows me to conceal those hairs. It also indicates the general trends of hair on aging men: less on the face, more on the body, and more in white.
I’m skeptical as to the beard’s longevity. As I found the last time around, maintaining one is a lot of hard work. But it’s a nice adventure, it would make me feel better about spending money to buy a proper clipper, and – as stated – it would allow me to stretch a bit further on the train.

Image by Guilerme Souza, Creative Commons license

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